NOTICE: since I am currently in the school year, commission turnaround is greatly affected by my studies, please be mindful of this !!!! I require patience from my clients to give the best result possible. Thank you for understanding.

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discord: sandwichem
twitter: @sandwichem_
Toyhouse: emman

•USD only, Paypal transaction only•I have the right to ignore or refuse to do your commission upfront•Payment is upfront, possibility for full refund is available until i am past the sketch phase. After that only half refund is available•You will get updates for the first draft, flat colors, and finished product (if coloring is involved)•My commissions are made for personal use, please do not use your commission for mass production without advising me first.•You're free to use any drafts that dont make the final cut for personal use only•I will be posting commissions on social media unless specified otherwise so please tell me if you don't want that.

What can I do?
•pets/feral characters
•specific franchise style
•barbie doll nudity (flat crotch)
•gore (anything thats not s/lf h/rm or fetishy)
•complex backgrounds
•suggestive ''sexy'' design unless fetish-based
**for complex designs like robots or techwear. i will simplify the tinier details, but will try my best not to leave anything from the design out.)

What I wont do
•fetish art (dont care how tame it is.)
•anything hateful or made to spread a hateful message
•real people/portraits
•specific artist's style

Character art

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Defaults as a sketch of choice, polishing costs extra-refer to prices below


Chest up - 10 usd
Full body - 15 usd

+Clean line - 5 usd
+color - 10 usd
+shading - 5 usd
+graphic/simple background background - 5 usd

Full piece

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Drawing featuring a detailed background, clean line art and shading.
guidance is very appreciated when working on these, if you have set reference images you want me to use for example.

50 usd
+character 10 usd

Custom design

Custom character design, I can do pretty much anything! the more guidance you give me (moodboard, color palletes, references etc) the cheaper as it helps quite alot.

30 to 50 usd